Mamvi. An independent creative agency.

It's not an abbreviation and you will not find it in a dictionary. However, we do have a trademark: our language. It focuses on feelings / experiences and lacks syntax or grammar. We translate the purpose of a production to create something unique, to ensure that a meaningful, authentic and creative tone of voice is delivered.

We speak. We create. We call it creative communication.

Whether we create for major brands like Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger or Dutch fashion designer Jan Boelo, create a relive-experience of a music festival using Lost & Found footage, or capture the beauty inside the darkness of Soenda Indoor, our mission is simple: creating meaningful stories for a relevant audience.

Our work reflects our vision and identity.

Founded in 2012, Mamvi is a young and dynamic agency. We are driven by our passion of creating moments and experiences, exploring possibilities and being brave. We believe in authenticity and identity, for individuals like you and us, as well as for brands.

The (bottom) line is we create for you and ourselves.

Our native language is film, but our vocabulary also consists of photography, animation, illustration and everything in between. In doing so we create dreams, love, escapes, fiction and even the future. Whatever it is, we care about what we do: it's our true language / identity.

Memories and moments in a time(less) world.

We live to create, whether it's for brands or for ourselves. Therefore we introduce Shoebox; moments by Mamvi. These are some of our personal memories, our moments. We like to secure moments, to relive them and create new ones at the same time.

It's not work, still our language.

Shoebox is (just like our work) about telling stories and sharing them with each other and with you. We disable time and create movement and transformation in a timeless world. Every photo tells one or maybe even multiple stories, every timeless frame may be part of a full narrative film.

Say hello and connect.

We would like to hear from you. If you're interested in working with us, wish to collaborate or just wanna say hi, feel free to express yourself by contacting us.

We are based in Berlin, but we look beyond and see the world as our playground. We believe in movement and transformation, therefore our language is universal and not restricted to boundaries or one specific line.